Our group of ladies operates under the umbrella of General Federation of Woman’s Clubs (GFWC).  We have our own 501(c) to sponsor fundraisers and support different projects.  We also have the opportunity to participate in the state and national events with in GFWC to learn new ways to support our community.  Please take a moment and review the GFWC-SC‘s website at:  http://www.gfwc-sc.org/ and the national website is:   www.gfwc.org

We don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to a major commitment.  The answer to that obstacle is our CYBER CLUB – we can do most of our meetings through a private group page on FACEBOOK!

One person cannot do it all nor can we all participate in everything that as a group we choose to support.  Your passion will choose your project.

Our current project:

2023 Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser